Fly Vertical | Private Charter Terms


All bookings for flights must be confirmed to Fly Vertical in writing (post, e-mail or fax) and under no circumstances shall Fly Vertical be liable for their failure to provide an aircraft for any flight which has not been so confirmed. 

Full payment is required at the time of booking.  We are unable to take provisional reservations.


All flights are carried out subject to suitable weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and operational requirements being met, as such all flights are subject to cancellation at short notice.  In the event of your flight being cancelled for any reason whatsoever, including helicopter un-serviceability and/or inclement weather, Fly Vertical will not be responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation or any other associated costs incurred.

Flight times may vary either way on the day subject to Air Traffic and Operational requirements. 

Flight routes may be changed/varied on the day at the pilot or operator’s discretion due to any air traffic restrictions imposed or for operational or safety circumstances beyond our control.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have a confirmed booking, you have the right to cancel or re-arrange free of charge no later than 30 days before the flight.

Any flights cancelled within 30 days of your allocated time will not be refunded.

Flights cancelled by Fly Vertical on short notice due to weather, safety concerns or at the discretion of the pilot will be refunded in full.  Refunds will be processed automatically within 48 hours of your flight being cancelled by Fly Vertical.


 Age Restriction

The minimum age for our flights if four years old. Children who are aged four and over must be allocated a seat to themselves. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16.

 Weight Restriction

The aircraft must operate within the manufacturer’s designated flight parameters and to the company’s operations manual. As part of our flight planning preparations, our aircraft will be fueled according to the itinerary confirmed.  Therefore, Fly Vertical may require individual passenger weights in advance to ensure the aircraft operates within these parameters. Should it be determined at any time that the flight would operate outside these parameters, the company reserves the right to amend, postpone or cancel the flight.  There is an individual passenger weight restriction of 18 Stone/114 kg.  Please contact us if you are above this weight limit and we will try to accommodate you, however you may be required to purchase additional seating space.

Charter Rates

A pre-booked flight for which a quotation has been given will be invoiced to the customer at the quoted price. Where the customer requires a change to the itinerary which was not envisaged in the quotation Fly Vertical shall be entitled to charge at their normal rate for any additional time flown or expenses incurred including following a diversion to another airfield due to adverse weather or other operational reasons, outside of Fly Vertical’s reasonable control

Charter by Flying Time (Hourly Rate)

If an hourly rate of charge is quoted, it will be calculated by the elapsed time the aircraft rotor blades have been turning.

Charter by Fixed Price

The quotation provides an all-inclusive price for a specific service of helicopter availability and flying time.  Any additional availability, flight or costs incurred due to the customer changing the requirements from that quoted will be subject to additional charge.

 Dangerous Goods Information

All passengers must be aware of items that cannot be carried on board the aircraft. For further guidance visit and choose the guidance for passengers’ option.

Goods or items that are not permitted on the aircraft will not be loaded, or may be offloaded at any stage, and you may forfeit the flight with no notice and with no reimbursement.

Batteries can short circuit and catch fire if they are carried loose in your bag.  They must be protected against contact with other metal items (e.g. by being in their original packaging or own protective case) and carried in your hand baggage.  Equipment containing correctly installed batteries can be packed in your checked baggage.


All participants should ensure that they are in reasonably good health.  If in doubt they should seek the medical advice of a GP.